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Manual for Creative Stream Site Manager

As one of our clients, we don't expect you to have any problems with our products once we have delivered them to you. We are constantly receiving compliments about our Content Management System from relieved users who no longer feel out-of-depth updating their website.

However, when it comes to using computers, handheld devices and software, there will always be frustrations and things that don't go quite right, and we'd like to help out. Here are some solutions to common problems with Creative Stream email, editing your webpage, and stuff like that - have a go and see if you can sort out your problem, and if it doesn't work, we'll be happy to talk you through it on the phone!

Download our Site Manager 2.0 manual (PDF)

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Website issue troubleshooter

Someone has told me my website isn't working. Can you fix it straight away?

First of all, don't panic! Although it's possible that there's a general issue with your website, more often than not we'll look at the site and it'll appear be working fine, so even finding what the problem is can be quite a task. Websites work differently depending on which operating system (i.e. Windows 7, OSX etc), browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc) they are displaying on, and even the version of the browser you are using; on top of that, the settings configured on the browser can also mess things up. If the problem is confined to Internet Explorer 9, for example (as is often the case *shakes fist at IE*), we're not going to be able to fix it unless we know that.

So it'd be really useful, when you're letting us know that something on your site isn't working, to get the person who is reporting the problem to do the following so we know exactly what we're dealing with:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. In the "Recipient's Email" field, enter our email address:
  4. Send details

We will get an email with all the information we need so that we can determine whether the problem is with to do with the site itself, or the user's browser.

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Uploading images and problems

I'm trying to upload photos to my site but the image editor is crashing/ giving error messages

Your images are probably too big. Most of our sites are a maximum of 1040px wide, so the massive images that digital cameras create nowadays aren't strictly necessary for the purposes of web design.

Have a look at the file size next to your images, and if they are any more than 2MP (2,000KB) (and a maximum of 6 megapixels) then they will either take ages to upload or the system will throw a hissy fit over them!

We recommend resizing to a width of 1200px for content images. This will work well for responsive websites and is small enough to upload quickly.

For any precise images like page images or banners, we will have given you the size of each but drop us an email if you've forgotten/lost it. Make sure you upload these into the right folders in the Image editor.

We've done some scouting and found this image resizer for you to download. Not only does it resize photos, it can also crop to a certain size if you have banners or page images on your site which need to be exactly the right dimensions.

Simple instructions: Add the files to the right hand window, Press Advanced Options to access the editing box for resizing, cropping etc, specify the Output folder then press Convert.

This is a direct link to the download... They might change the link at some point so if this doesn't work, please let us know!

Download photo resizer for Windows

Canva and Pixlr have very useful tools for editing, cropping and saving your photos online with their free photo editors.

NB Never upsize a photo, or use a photo for a banner or page image that isn't cropped to the right dimensions, or it will look very strange.

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Email support

Need to add your email to new device, or something not working right?

Our email service uses Rackspace's excellent servers, and will provide you with a guide to setup your email on a new device and will also give you all you need to troubleshoot any problems.

To access your email via your web browser:

Setup and troubleshooting guide for computer/tablet/phone setup:

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